Ever since we created two new weekly features (Sports Stud & Model Behavior) celebrating hot men, I’ve tried to avoid selecting athletes and models for my weekly Man Crushes. But when I laid my eyes on David Williams, I didn’t want to share him with Patrick and had to keep him for myself. Trust me, after you get a peek at him, you won’t blame for doing so. Now, I know why fans yell out “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi“. It’s Aussie slang for “you’re hot and take off your clothes”. I kid and know it doesn’t mean that.

David Williams is an Australian pro rugby player who’s earned the nickname “Wolfman” due to his scraggly beard. I’m not normally a fan of thick beards, but in his case, I’ll make an exception. The 24-year-old stud knows he has as many gay fans as female ones and has no problem being a gay icon. Just look at how frequently he shows off his sexy hot bod for his gay fans. In 2009, he was the cover boy for the homoerotic “2009 Gods of Football” coffee table book.

Williams also has no problem showing admiration for his fellow mates. There are a few comprising pics below that show Williams in homoerotic situations. There’s one of him eying his mate Darius Boyd’s ass, him showering with Brett Stewart in matching speedos and a mouth-to-mouth kiss between Anthony Watmough and himself. There’s nothing sexier than a straight man being so comfortable in his sexuality that he has no problems showing love to other men. Definitely super YUMMY.

Umm, why hasn’t some underwear company signed him as their pitchman yet? I’d buy whatever he’s selling.

So angry. So sweaty. So HOT. I bet he’s a beast on and off the field.

Forget Gatorade. David can quench my thirst. Great Adonis belt.

Am I crazy to be jealous of that ball? He kiss my pigskin anytime he wants.

With these pictures, it’s obvious he embraces his “wolfman” moniker. Not a problem with me, since I have a thing for werewolves.

Is it too late to enter medical school? Just imagine how many hot guys this doctor gets to do physicals on.

I wonder if his rugby team has an opening for a towel boy position, because David looks like he needs a new towel.

Even without the distraction of his hot body or scruffy beard, he’s still a very handsome man.

He looks pouty slash sexy on the bench.

This is the first of three homoerotic pictures. Doesn’t he look like he’s scoping out that guy’s ass?

Staring from afar isn’t enough. Now he’s got to get his big manly hands on his buddy’s body.

You’d never find North American athletes smooch their teammates. It maybe innocent, but still hot nonetheless.

Even the grass thinks Williams is smokin’ hot. Check out the steam coming from the field.

After gawking at numerous half-naked pics, it’s a little odd seeing him in clothes. Having said that, he cleans up pretty nice in the right pic.

The pic maybe from two years ago, but it’s still sexy as hell.