Earlier this week, 30-year-old American soccer player David Testo came out of the closet. He is a former MLS player with the Columbus Crew, and more recently, a player for the Montreal Impact team. In an interview that took place earlier this week, he told CBC-Radio Canada that he is gay and that he regrets not coming out earlier.

“It’s hard, like living the life of a professional athlete and being gay is incredibly hard. It’s like carrying around a secret, you know, and carrying around luggage and just never being allowed to be yourself.” His family, friends, and teammates all knew his sexuality, but he struggled with whether or not he should be public with it.

“I’m homosexual. I’m gay. I did not choose. It’s just part of who I am. And it has nothing to do with the talent of a soccer player. You can be both an excellent soccer player and be gay,” Testo told CBC. Whether he’s an eligible bachelor or not, I’m not so sure. For now, enjoy some of his sexy pictures, many of which showing him in action playing the sport he loves most.

The position, the legs, the stomach… this photo is sexy for many reasons.

Testo in his interview with CBC, speaking confidently about his sexuality.

Testo gives good head… on the soccer ball.

Grrr, check out his beefy legs!

Looks like Testo is welcoming someone with open arms…

Testo in a photo shoot with his Montreal team.

Testo all hot & sweaty on the field. I couldn’t find any photos of Testo hot & sweaty off the field… *WINK!

Congratulations on being yourself and being an inspiration to others, David!