You’ve probably never heard of this week’s crush before, but David Loren is definitely worth knowing. Earlier this week, I watched an indie gay movie, “Is It Just Me?“. While most independent gay cinema isn’t the greatest quality, I found this romantic gay comedy extremely charming and a pleasant surprise. Loren plays a hot newly transplanted Los Angeleno looking for love in the City of Angels. You’ll have to check out my movie review, coming in the next few days.

David Loren was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He received his BA in Theatre from the University of Tulsa. Soon after graduating, he moved to LA to pursue acting. He’s found work in a number of web series, independent films and television shows. Some of his TV credits include guest stints on “The Event“, “The Mentalist“, “Without A Trace” and regular web series roles on “Sorority Fever” and “Prom Queen“.

The 5’9″ stud interests include football, baseball, backpacking, sarcasm, watching old movies, listening to film scores, reading and writing. I love me a hot nerd. On his acting resume, he includes hip-hop and modern as part of his skills. Would love to see him shake his thang.

He reminds me of a young Eric Mabius (Daniel Meade on Ugly Betty).

Why is a brooding boy in a white wifebeater always so appealing?

A guy who can play an acoustic guitar gets me wet every time. Being shirtless is an added bonus.

Shots probably taken to prove how sporty he can be.

OMG. His resemblance to Eric Mabius here is uncanny.

A couple of headshots of David throughout the years.

Why so sad buddy? If you need a shoulder to cry on, give me a ring.

Another gratuitous shot of him strumming his guitar. Would love to see him strum something else *wink*. Love the hairy legs.

Awww, what an adorable smile.