David Guetta, Flo-Rida & Nicki Minaj Wanna Know “Where Them Girls At?”

David Guetta is a hit maker. Hands down. From Sexy Chick to When Love Takes Over, we’re addicted to his songs and singing along in our cars and the clubs. Fans of the DJ will be thrilled to know that he’s about to release his next collaboration album, Nothing But The Beat. Guetta previewed a few of the tracks at his recent stop in Vancouver and the crowd went nuts for them. The first single off the album, Where Them Girls At features some of my favorites, Flo-Rida and Nicki Minaj. The video for the track has been released and while the song is kickin’, the video isn’t so much…

As we follow a real big bubble float through LA, it ends up poolside above a beautiful woman lounging and catching a tan. Her decision instinctively is to pop it but the result is nothing but weird. Her body begins to dance and move wildly with no sense of rhythm and she looks ridiculous. Other girls start to pop more bubbles that float around and begin to do the same thing. Think Phoebe from Friends trying to run. We finally discover that the bubbles have been coming from a rooftop where Guetta is spinning and a special set of speakers are pumping out these magic bubbles. Strange. In my opinion, great song, bad video. But you decide. Check out the video below and sound of in the comments.

  • delroy

    The scenes with the people dancing uncontrollably looks awfully like scenes from a very old fatboy slim video.