David Guetta & Usher Bring The World Together In “Without You” Music Video

Do you remember in middle school geography when you learned about Pangaea? For those of you who forget what that is, it is the name of the body mass that was all the continents put together before the earth’s crust moved them into what he know our globe as now. In David Guetta’s newest video featuring Usher, the boys party on opposite ends of the globe and bring it all together for one world, one party.

In Without You, Usher sings about how he can’t win the game without the love of another. However, in the video, he doesn’t depict that at all. Unless of course he means he can’t party till sunset without his buddy David Guetta by his side. While this track is one of my favorites on the new Guetta record, I am underwhelmed by the video treatment. Plus, it kind of resembles the idea of Little Bad Girl a little bit with making the world change direction to party longer.

The song itself is currently topped at #8 on the Billboard Charts, the highest Guetta track to do so since his blockbuster smash hit Sexy Chick with Akon. Will this new video help push Guetta & Usher to #1? I highly doubt. But, it’s a good track none-the-less and a good tune to start off your Friday night.