David Guetta Debuts “Titanium” Music Video

I’ve loved David Guetta’s “Titanium” every since I heard the version with Mary J. Blige’s vocals. For some reason when his album “Nothing But The Beat Drop” hit stores, he opted for Sia’s enchanting sound instead. Both ladies are fantastic, but Sia’s vibe definitely elevates “Titanium” to a whole new level. The song has been heavily played on my iTunes for several months now and had no idea that there wasn’t a music video… until now.

“This has made me more curious to study her music more because I was really impressed. I have the biggest people on the album and she has a different profile, more like an indie kind of artist and it makes her song even more special, it makes it stand out I think.” – David Guetta about Sia

Used as a promotional single to create buzz for his fifth studio album, “Titanium” is now receiving an official release push. The track featuring the Aussie singer’s voice will serve as the French DJ’s new European single. You’d think, given Guetta loves being in the spotlight that he’d appear in the music video. The director didn’t include either Guetta or Sia. Instead, a young child who possesses supernatural super powers is the focal point of the narrative. A swat team chases him throwout the clip and culminates in an epic showdown. Check it out below.

David Guetta ft. Sia “Titanium” Music Video

What did you think? It’s interesting enough to watch once, but would’ve preferred Sia in the music video. I’m sure this visual has some profound correlation to the song lyrics, but I’m just not that deep. If you know, please share.