Guetta, Cruz & Ludacris Keep The Party Going In “Little Bad Girl” Video

Have you ever been to a party or club that was so good, you didn’t want the sun to come up? You just wish the party could go on forever. Maybe next time, you should invite David Guetta and company to your party because they seem to know exactly how to keep the party going all night. It’s quite simple really. Just take everyone from the club, run down the sand at full speed and then all jump and skid together to send the Earth backwards in rotation.

It sounds crazy, but that’s the concept of Guetta’s newest video for Little Bad Girl featuring Taio Cruz and Ludacris. Taking a new spin on the club video, Guetta and crew are partying on the beach when they all begin to see the sun start to rise. That’s no good for Guetta and the whole group decides to spin the Earth back to when the sun was set.

Besides the video, the track is actually quite good. It’s not as Top 40 pop sounding as Where Them Girls At? due to it’s really deep house beat and bass line, but it’s still catchy and Taio’s vocal on the track is a lot of fun. This tune is the second single released from David Guetta’s upcoming album Nothing But The Beat. If all the tracks sound like this, it’s going to be one hot item to buy.