David Grohl to Ryan Murphy: “F*** That Guy”

Glee is a phenomenon. There is no doubt. From its humble beginnings covering great 80’s and 90’s tunes giving them a great rebirth to its ability to take a current Top 40 track and make it their own. Glee continues to make people smile and enjoy it’s music week in and week out and through certain episodes, spread a great message to kids and adults around the world.

With such a wide spectrum of an audience, its no wonder that bands and artists everywhere are pining at creator Ryan Murphy to have their songs covered by the McKinnley High Glee Club. However, some bands just aren’t up for it. Remember when Kings of Leon turned down the use of their hit Use Somebody? Ryan was none to impressed saying they completely missed the big picture.

Now, David Grohl of the Foo Fighters is coming to their defense. Despite Glee’s success and chart topping recreations and mash-ups, he just doesn’t want his band’s music to end up in the choir room. “I watched 10 minutes. It’s not my thing,” said David about the show.

When it comes to the Kings of Leon debacle, David had this to say:

The ‘Glee’ guy, what a f**king jerk. [Murphy] is so offended that we’re not, like, begging to be on his f**king show… f**k that guy for thinking anybody and everybody should want to do ‘Glee.

Yikes. Them’s some fighting words. Thoughts?

  • Phil W

    Let them do what they want. If they don’t want their song back on the charts then screw em. Sell out or be left behind lol

  • Well, I kinda agree with some of the rockers…Glee is highly commercialized and some bands just are not into that as much. Kings of Leon have left me conflicted. As for The Foo Fighters-What is record when it comes to glb&t community…don’t know much about him.

  • aria

    who’ s David Grohl?

  • Tyson

    I completely agree with the move to not let GLee ruin their songs. There has not been one point when Glee has made a song “better” by doing it. Personally, Glee is no better than Justin Beiber in the fact that Glee is just a trend. Plus GLee is kinda ruining music. Soon no one is going to want to sing the classical pieces that help build basic vocal technique and jump straight in “don’t stop believing” and “Gold digger” instead. Hello world wide Idol fever pandemic.

  • CJLP

    I’m not a Glee fan. Personally I find the show really cheesy.
    I agree with Tyson, Glee has never really made a song more popular. I personally don’t believe that not having their song performed on the show will compromise their current fan base or popularity. It might possibly do the opposite.
    Their fans will continue to listen them. If they garnered more fans, it will because of their music not a tv show.

    Artists will (should) always have control with their creation. They made it and they can do whatever they want with it.
    If Dave Grohl (or anyone else) doesn’t want their music to be covered in a highly commercialized tv show like Glee, then that’s their prerogative.

  • Steve-O

    @Tyson & CJLP

    I disagree I love glee and some of the songs they cover I’ve never heard of them because they originally come from a genre that I don’t usually listen too. There have now been numerous occasions that I’ve heard a glee cover and it has brought the attention of the original artist to me and am now happily exploring their other material.

    I can’t be the only one.

  • Johnny

    i’m a HUGE glee fan, and i read from an article that the Kings and Foo Fighters respectfully said no to Ryan Murphy but Murphy went on calling them homophobes and haters. that really pissed the musicians off and aggravated them. i think Ryan Murphy needs to get off his high horse and accept the fact that not everyone wants their music on Glee. i think that Glee shouldn’t be covering all these new songs because it’s losing its charm and they were great at making old songs great again