Melrose Place may have been home to Matt Fielding, my first gay icon, but the crowded LA beaches of Baywatch were home to my first real super-secret-I-wish-there-was-YouTube-in-1995 man crush. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present David Chokachi as Cody Madison.

Do I even have to explain? This was the BEST Baywatch ep ever. EVER. When the lifeguards all headed off to syndication, this was the episode I prayed to see in rerun heaven. The splashing water as the boys climb onto the blocks, the hot blonde’s lingering stare, Garbage delivering the soundtrack with the oh-so-appropriate “Push It”, and of course… that blue Speedo and everything in it, below it, not in it, above it, and all around it. Thank you Baywatch. Thank you trashy 1990s television. Thank you David Chokachi. How could a closeted 90s teenage boy with braces and a big floppy middle part not have a crush on you?

Want more David Chokachi? You can catch him now on VH1’s Confessions of Teen Idol. He’s still smoking hot. Or, you can watch another shameless clip. It’s one of Baywatch’s famous montage scenes. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Cody Madison’s beach workout.

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