Interview: Getting Cozy With David Blue


For all you Ugly Betty fans out there, you’ll no doubt immediately recognize David Blue as the adorable “Cliff”: ex-boyfriend to Mark… and I’m here to tell you, he’s every bit as adorable, fun and friendly in real life!

Homorazzi had the chance to hang out with Mark for a few minutes at the Artist Sanctuary party on Saturday before the Juno Awards, and we jumped at the chance to ask him some questions!

While I think we’d all love to see Cliff enter the picture again on Ugly Betty, David is now working on a new show: Stargate: Universe, which is a spin off of the original Stargate series. Blue plays character Eli Wallace, described as “a total slacker who just happens to be an utter genius with anything he puts his mind to: mathematics, computers, video games. A lack of confidence has left him with an acerbic sense of humor.”


Check out the clip below for some commentary on the character of Cliff; the possibility of an Ugly Betty return; his new project, and even some discussion on the current Grey’s Anatomy season!

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It was really loud at the party and we didn’t have a microphone, so the audio can be a bit tricky to hear at times. Here is a the dialogue of the first part of the interview (before we start talking about Grey’s Anatomy):

Kevin: So David, what brought you to the Juno Awards this week?

David Blue: Actually, I’m in town now doing my wonderful new show, Stargate: Universe which is a reimagining of the classic Stargate show except edgier and darker and kind of more character driven, with Robert Carlyle, Brian Smith, Lou Diamond Phillips… and ME!

Kevin: We all know David Blue from his appearances on Ugly Betty, which we all love. Can we expect to see you on Ugly Betty anymore, do you know?

David Blue: I believe so, but it’s a hard situation with the show because even before I came [to Vancouver], it has nothing to do with Stargate… [Ugly Betty] is kind of a pay or play kind of deal (not literally) but I don’t really know what the storyline is going to be ahead of time.

Actually, the last part [on the show]- the whole engagement thing- came up about a week before the actual filming time. They were really careful not to tell me anything because I would immediately go “Guess what’s going to happen?!” I really hope [to be back on the show], Michael and I keep in contact and I think we’re both on the same page that it would make sense for something to happen… I don’t know what, I’ve heard some crazy things… everything from- and I’m okay with this storyline- Cliff reappearing as this amazing, chiseled guy played by Brad Pitt and saying “Oh… you again.” But I don’t think that’s going to happen., I don’t know though. But I hope so- I love the show.

Kevin: How do you feel about playing a gay character?

David Blue: Uh… how should I feel? [laughing] I couldn’t have asked for a better role. Cliff is not only the best version of myself, but on top of that the show and my fellow actors, I mean Michael and I have stayed in contact, Judith Light was amazing to work with. I loved it, I loved every second of it. I would play that role for the rest of my life if I could, but… no one’s offering it! (Hint hint!)

Kevin: From a viewer’s perspective I think everyone really loves Cliff- he’s so sincere while the character of Mark is so much more stereotypical and just “La-la-la” all the time.

David Blue: Oh ya, I can’t even tell you how proud it makes me. The scariest moment for me was before the first episode aired. All I kept saying was “Please, I just hope no one looks at me and says ‘Ugh this sucks, it’s horrible’”.

The truth is I get so many wonderful letters saying “Thank you- that’s me” or “Thank  you- that’s my boyfriend” or “Thank you- that’s my son” that it made every chance to do another episode kind of worthwhile because I felt like I was scared, but representing so many real people. And, like I said, I’ve played roles before and it’s this part of me, that part of me… but this was like the most positive version of myself I’ve ever played and it was like… it helped my confidence.

Kevin: Well that’s awesome. I can say that I don’t think you ever need to be worried because you’re adorable!

David Blue: Ah- well thanks, let’s hope you get to see more of me on the show!

  • Smith

    oh Kevin! That interview was awwwwwwwwwkward! Yikes!

    (Gurl, you need some eye cream or something! Eeek! Haven’t seen you since last summer, but the cam did you no favours)

  • Another great interview, Kevin!

  • Glen

    I thought the interview was awesome so funny! PS you looked great – that guy must not have a very high quality comp 😉 keep it up!

  • Thank you so much for the David Blue video interview! Looking forward to Stargate Universe! 🙂