Who’d You Rather: Ronaldo VS Beckham

My first Who’d You Rather of 2012. How exciting! I thought I’d start strong with two of soccer’s (or football’s depending on where you live) most high profile stars – Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham. The idea of pairing these two together came after reading up on David’s new underwear launch for H&M (pictures to come). Plus, both of these men are extremely sexy so why not make it a friendly competition. Shall we?

Cristiano plays for the club team Real Madrid and is also the captain of the national team for Portugal. Outside of soccer, Cristiano was the first non-American personality to reach over 10 million fans on Facebook and used the site (along with Twitter) to announce the birth of his baby boy in 2010. Cristiano also owns two boutique clothing shops with his sister titled CR7 which are his initials and jersey number.

David Beckham has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid and recently renewed his contract to play another season with the LA Galaxy. I guess the Hollywood lifestyle has played nice with the Beckham family. Married to Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, the two have four kids – 3 boys and 1 new baby girl. David has modelled in his undies for Emporio Armani and has now launched his own line through H&M.

So, not only are these boys amazing soccer players and personalities, they are also entrepreneurs and fathers. How can you not be amazed by them? I can’t wait to see who you guys will crown victorious in this battle. I think it may be a close one. Check out the photo evidence of the men below and cast your vote.

Cristiano Ronaldo

David Beckham

Who'd You Rather: Ronaldo VS Beckham

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  • art

    oh come on! David is much hotter and sexier!!

  • Andrew

    Ronaldo has the better body, but Beckham exudes sexiness…

  • Sluttichic

    Ronaldo for a fling and Beckham for keeps 🙂
    Theyre both sexy to me but Ronaldo looks too gay…..and im gay,so,lol!

  • Brian

    BEFORE all the ink I would have gone with Becks but now I would absolutely go with Ronaldo (despite the brows situation)

  • Marck

    Ronaldo is too much gay-ish!!

  • ADAM

    never understood all the hoopla over david b . i see dudes everyday that are in my opinion way sexier than him . he has always looked weatherbeaten to me . Ronaldo is pure living sexual arousal all around . this is my opinion so dont be a h8r

  • ct

    Get rid of the tats David. You look like a washed-up porn star.

  • sean

    David is so much hotter. Ronaldo looks like he smells bad.

  • Donny

    I thought this would be no contest. Even the comments indicate David should be winning but he’s behind by almost 200 votes. WOW! Ronaldo? Yuck! I’m not attracted to him whatsoever. I also now realize my tastes differ from most gay men. Your Sports Stud, Model & Crush winners were a big dud for me. River? Really? He’s a cute boy. He’s not even a man yet. But he is a good model… I digress.

  • Al Smalling

    Beckham now, Beckham forever!

    (Unless it’s Nick Youngquest)

  • Dee

    I agree with above. Beckham forever.