Elle UK Reveals Historic Cover Featuring David Beckham

Actors Ewan McGregor, Tim Roth, and Gary Oldman have appeared on it. Singer Liam Gallagher also graced it. Even flamenco artist Joaquin Cortes posed for one. But none of them have anything on David Beckham. The 37-year-old soccer player is the publication’s first solo male cover boy. A few weeks ago, I shared a behind-the-scenes video of his historic Elle UK photo shoot. Today, we have the finished product or should I say products since there are two covers.

“David Beckham is a national hero. He is an icon and Elle is known for featuring icons on its cover. This is a first for us on the newsstand and I believe he is loved by men and women alike. Anyway, who doesn’t want to see a picture of one of the world’s most handsome men on the front cover of a magazine?” – Lorraine Candy, Elle Editor-in-chief

Photographed by Doug Inglish, Beckham shows off two very different sides for his magazine covers. First, there’s the one above where David displays his arm tattoos and his signature piercing stare. Then there is the other one where he’s wet and shirtless. Wearing nothing but Dior jeans, Becks emerges from a pool dripping wet. The glistening water perfectly highlights every ripped defined part of his torso. YUM. Check out the alternate cover below.

In the issue, David talks about fame, his new daughter Harper and his wife pop star wife, Victoria. Here are a few quotes.

On Fame

I never thought about the money, the fame. It never interested me, and it doesn’t interest me now. None of that has ever excited me. . . .

On Baby Harper

It’s great. I love to bite her legs, or shoulders. It’s how a baby should be. She’s so beautiful.

On His Wife

She comes home and shows me what she’s been doing all day and what exciting dresses and bags she’s got coming through. And then I say something boring like ‘I got kicked today.’

Just in case you found all that magazine text on the shirtless cover distracting, I thought I’d share a clean version of the image. Hope you enjoy. For more info on David Beckham’s Elle UK issue, head over to www.elleuk.com.

  • Marciveric

    Am I the only one who does not find him sexy? I mean he is too overrated. I think it could be the tattoos or his eyes – i just don’t like him :/

  • Oliver

    No, you’re not the only one. I also think he really hasn’t aged very well and with all the tatoos he looks like a junkie who’s been on drugs for 30 years.

  • Ryan

    Despite the body, tattoos, sports career, I just like that in every interview I’ve seen him in he comes across chill and sweet. To me that’s what makes him hot.

  • Kyle

    Who are you all kidding..all men and women would swallow his man seed if given the opportunity..every last drop of it!!!

  • POSH’s OCD + BULMIA in SECURE Pysch UNIT the BEST place for her + for EVERYONE

    “pop star wife, Victoria”

    ROLFLMAO she made him as insane + delusional as she is by living with(her revenge for him putting his dick around all the time – YEAH RIGHT WHAT a NATIONAL HERO/ICON/UNIVERSALLY LOVED – SERIAL HOME BREAKER – DUMB C*NT – who needs morality when your FAKE as fcuk as a fashion mag)

    Just think if he looks this unremarkable DESPITE all the airbrushing + good lighting, as the majority above have stated – the NONE GULLIBLE/ seeing the BUTT NAKED emperor( in this case rather a HAGGARD ANOREXIC fashion stylist’s victim – + he STILL has all the animation + spirit of a clinically brain dead patient(if that :D) to NOT fall back on HOW GULLIBLE can you be=”could you slit your own throat please?” gullible gerty “WHY, OF COURSE!-uurgh! “- the WHOLE point of TATTOO is to admire the work of art FFS (ie its looks good/eye catching)- you cant even see his arm skin, to make out any of the tattoos clearly in the first place – it just looks like he got some horrible skin disease from further away + it looks like hes got a skin coloured sleeveless top on permanently LMFAO!!! – S-T-Y-L-E ICON)

  • POSH’s OCD + BULMIA in SECURE Pysch UNIT the BEST place for her + for EVERYONE


    Actually it looks EVEN sillier than a sleeveless top – its more like he just put some full length sleeve top SLEEVES on (with the sleeves just ripped off the body) with the way the tats at his wrist end so unnaturally in a STR8 line (in contrast to the tats other end of his arms)