Another Alternate Cover of David Beckham’s ELLE UK Issue Surfaces

I guess if you’re going to give a man the honor of gracing a women’s fashion magazine, you might as well offer up three alternate covers. We’ve already seen two featuring the 37-year-old soccer player and now we have a brand new one to revel at. While there is no competing with a cover featuring a drenched shirtless Beckham coming out of the pool, I’m sorta digging the third alternate cover. Love the “Made in England” tag and graffiti-style text.

With ELLE UK’s July 2012 issue now available on newsstands, we get a peek at Beckham’s entire photo spread snapped by Doug Inglish. As usual, the LA Galaxy soccer player exudes sexy cool with his signature furrowed brows and devilish grin. We see him laying poolside, guzzling drinks and sensually reading the Sunday newspaper. Check them all out below.

Alternate ELLE UK Covers Featuring Becks

Out of all three covers, which cover do you like the best? Obviously, the shirtless pool one is going to garner the most votes, but as mentioned earlier, I really like the graffiti-inspired cover. Check out the previous two below and vote on your favorite in our poll.

Which David Beckham ELLE UK Cover Is The Best?

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  • Mark

    He would look SO MUCH better without all this ink on his arm.

  • Fuckyou Mark


    Stop being a BIG BITCH, I like the ink!!!

  • POSH’s OCD + BULMIA in SECURE Pysch UNIT the BERST place for her for EVERYONE

    FCUKIN HELL – Beckham is the prime example of living with someone as seriously head fcuked as Posh can do to U + puttin his knob around regular – dumb fcuk( yeah he does stuff for kiddies charities, his PR does stuff for them – i’m amazed he has enough brain to BREATHE – i rarely see anyone so lifeless/spiritless he is so mentally challenged but at least i could understand his appeal) EVEN with all the lighting + photoshoppin as hell hes as ROUGH (+10 years older looking than he is) + anorexic as hell- all that definition + flesh AIRBRUSHED to COMICAL extent onto his + his wife(she actually looked human with FLESH yes FLESH on her bones (the insanity bulimia)) from *those* INFAMOUS 😮 pics a year or 2 ago.

    You cant even see his arm skin – it looks positively diseased from further away, obviously 2 clueless for the axiom ‘everything in moderation’ – the tattoos are that in EXCESS they all merge together + details dont stand out – WHAT IS the point – he is the classic fashion stylist’s victim ( cf eg Kylie) he has no clue about his own sense of appearance ( Posh just dressed him up like a puppet when she snared him).

    You know the people that still rave about Twatham will be the same ones as the technological geniuses that think every iPHone (especially bastardized/thieved tech/train wreck) mk2 is the best mobile EVER made… THE emperors new clothes + gullible as feck spring to mind for some reason….