Davey Wavey Conducts A Straight Boy Underwear Intervention

If there’s one thing we gays know about, it’s underwear. Most of us know what looks good, what doesn’t look good, what is appropriate for what situation, and when it’s time to toss them away. Many straight guys do not have this gift, or simply haven’t tried making the switch from unflattering cheap stuff, to a pair that is much more comfortable and flattering in all the right places.

In this video, it’s Davey Wavey to the rescue! “Doing what I can to make the world a better place – one pair of straight boy underwear at a time,” he says. He first asks a bunch of women to describe their man’s underwear. The responses are pretty much two great big thumbs down. He then has a hot straight guy over and has him drop his pants to see what the guy is wearing: baggy, cartoon boxers. Wavey has him change into some sexier aussieBum briefs and gets him to come out and show them off.

Enjoy the video below and share what brand/style of underwear is your favorite in the comments! Have you ever had a boyfriend with bad underwear? Share your story in the comments for that too!

Straight Boy Sexy Underwear Crisis Video

  • Caleb

    He asks a “bunch of [women]” not a “bunch of woman.”

  • Haha, thanks Caleb. Fixed 😉

  • free opinions

    I had an boyfriend who would freeball at least half the time. It was really sexy to see him pull on his pants, skip putting on his underwear and start his day. He was a bit of a rebel in most other ways and I thought it just added to his rebel credibility (you know “honey badger don’t give a shit”) and I liked knowing that I was just one step closer to getting him naked when I needed to. I had gotten so into hot and sexy underwear that I couldn’t really imagine not wearing them.