You know how this works – the game is simple. I give you three sexy men and you pick one to marry, one to bitch-slap and one to f*ck. You ready? Let’s play. This week, I’m giving you a showdown of gay YouTube sensations. Their videos have garnered millions of views and made them household names in the gay community. Come on, you know you’ve all seen Surprise Party or secretly have had Ice Cream Truck stuck in your head or laughed out loud to Davey’s gay rants.

Davey Wavey was introduced to me through an ex-boyfriend who said “I like his vlog,” but really, I know he was oogling over his well sculpted body and cute face. Who isn’t really? Craigery Morgan exploded on to the scene with his Surprise Party video and then with a few photos on GWIP. Cazwell’s song Ice Cream Truck was in my head for weeks after I heard it. The video with all of his muscular shirtless friends helped skyrocket the track to millions of views.

So who would you marry, bitch-slap or f*ck? Well, check out some photos of these internet hotties as well as a video of each of them and decide in the comments below after checking out my verdict.





  • MARRY: CAZWELL. Good body, musically talented and obviously hilarious if you’ve listened to the lyrics of his songs. I’d lick a Popsicle from his ice cream truck. *wink*
  • BITCH SLAP: CRAIGERY MORGAN. His first few videos were funny and sure, he has a great body, but eventually, I got tired of his same old routine. New material please.
  • F*CK: DAVEY WAVEY. I think Davey’s body is absolutely flawless and I’ve seen his member as well (click here). However, that voice seals the deal for a one-time offer only.

Now, sound off in the comments below and tell me your choice for this trio!