Man Crush: Dave Salmoni

For my weekly crush, I thought change it up and pick someone outside the modeling world, acting industry or athletic field. I picked me a sexy, bearish, beefy zoologist. If Dave Salmoni is the animal trainer for the new millenium, then sign me up. He’s way hotter than the late Steve Irwin or Paul Hogan, the Crocodile Dundee.

The Canadian animal lover has hosted and produced several television documentaries. Dave studied Zoology at Laurentian University in Sudbury Ontario. His mother was a competitive figure skating coach, while his dad earned a living as a chemical engineer. In 2000, the 34-year-old hottie left Canada for South Africa to help captive animals learn necessary skills before being released into the wild.

As you can imagine, being an animal trainer/zoologist is a very dangerous job. In 1999 he was attacked by one of the big cats he was training. Bongo was a 500lb African Lion. This incident inspired the reality series, “After the Attack” on the Animal Planet.

The success of that series would lead to other gigs including his most recent venture, “Into The Pride” on the same network. He’s also partnered with the Discovery Channel on other ventures as well. Salmoni owns a production company, Triosphere, that specializes in natural history filmmaking.

Sorry ladies and horny gay boys, Salmoni is taken. In July 2010, he confirmed he was dating best-selling author and super-funny lady, Chelsea Handler. Too bad Salmoni wasn’t the co-star in Handler’s released sex tape. I would’ve definitely checked that out.

So burly and hairy. All of a sudden outdoor living just climbed a few notches in my book.

This provocative photo shoot was from Flaunt Magazine. I’d definitely go on a expedition down that treasure trail. I’m sure there’s gold down to be found.

I’m a sucker for a guy in and out of a white tank top.

I’m also a sucker for a guy in and out of a green tank top.

There’s something super hot about a guy with a dangerous job like that. If he can tame those animals, he could surely tame mine. WINK.

If he needs any help ripping off any more clothing, I’m the man for that “job”.

Love the styling for this photo. It was another selection from the Flaunt Magazine photo shoot. He definitely posed for pictures he knew his gay fans would love.

If he’s shirtless on the majority of his shows, I need to call my cable service provider and order The Animal Planet immediately.

What did you think of this week’s crush? It just goes to prove, if you’re hot, people will watch anything. Post your comments and thoughts below.

Dave Salmoni on The Animal Planet:

Official Dave Salmoni website:

  • Paolo

    I LOVE Dave Salmoni! He’s sexy and adorable and hot all at the same time. I love how his nipples are always erect in the pics above.

  • czahn

    that is just not fair! lol!

  • azeez

    Hello… Dave, Realy nice to know you. I love BIG animals too… Wonderful to be with them.
    Really wanting to chat live with you. Please reply to my e-mail.
    Wonderful to hear from you.
    God bless.

  • bannock-hou


  • Bozzy Lewis

    Of course he is hot and sexy,…..he is Italian-Canadian !