The sexy and funny Dave Franco (who is one of the leads in the Now You See Me movie trailer that just came out) plays a game of “Would You Rather” with Talia Tabin (Parks and Recreation) in a hilarious new Funny or Die video.

The two childhood friends find themselves in increasingly awkward and funny situations when their game of “Would You Rather” takes an unexpected twist: the choices they make start coming true. For the first time ever, they can make anything come true, just by offering it as an option in the game. Will they use their power to make their fantasies become reality, or will the temptation to mess with each other be too much to resist? Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad) and Dave’s mother, Betsy Franco co-star as well.

This isn’t the first game Dave Franco has played for Funny or Die. He has also done a couple of “You’re So Hot” videos with Mintz-Plasse that are definitely worth watching if you haven’t. First, check out the new “Would You Rather” below to see what outrageous scenarios become reality.

‘Would You’ With Dave Franco