Man Crush: Dave Franco

In honor of James Franco co-hosting this weekend’s 83rd Academy Awards, I thought picking his adorable little bro as this week’s Man Crush would be fitting. Sure I could’ve picked James as this week’s hottie, but what fun would that be? I try to pick guys who aren’t super famous yet. Don’t hold me to it though, because one day I might just include my ultimate crush, Paul Walker to my weekly crush series.

Dave Franco is James’ 25-year-old younger brother, the youngest of three brothers. Yup, there’s another Franco brother, named Tom kicking around out there somewhere. Dave was born in Palo Alto, California and is of Portuguese, Swedish, and Russian descent. Just like his Oscar-nominated older brother, Dave dropped out of university to pursue acting. Only time will tell if his decision will pay off like it did for his brother.

Franco’s first acting job was on “7th Heaven“. He followed that up with roles on “Privileged” and “Greek“, but his biggest role to date was appearing as a series lead on the ninth season of “Scrubs“. He was last seen with Zac Efron in last year’s “Charlie St. Cloud“. He’ll next appear with Colin Farrell and Toni Collette in “Fright Night“, a comedy-horror flick scheduled to hit theaters later this year.

You can definitely tell a family resemblance. I think it’s the eyebrows and the mouth.

He gives good head, I mean face. Great headshots.

Awwwww, brotherly love. So cute!!! Dave appeared as Telephone Tree #5 in “Milk” with James.

This is the best shirtless pic I could scrounge up online. Hopefully there will be more in the near future.

Anyone got a doctor/patient fantasy? He looks adorably sexy in his scrubs.

Looking like a fashion model in a GQ spread.

Love, love, love this picture. It’s so broody. Just like his brother, he’s got that James Dean rebel thing going on.

Found a couple of screencaps from a video. Check it out, he’s all kinds of sexy making out with Jamie Lynn Sigler in a cockblock video.

  • Brent

    Not even fair. That family has damn good genes.

  • Jimmy

    i thought you were going to say he’s somehow related to cristiano ronaldo. They were separated at birth

  • way hotter than his brother


    totally hot!!! he has a GIFT that ONLY GOD can give!!!!! I LIKE :}~