Music: Top 5 Dance Hits Dave Audé Edition

It’s almost time for me to fly away to Europe for my annual trip, where I can dance with my ripped body courtesy of hard work and P90X, wearing nothing but speedos. I might as well enjoy my body while I still have it cause youth won’t last forever. It is Pride season so buff half-naked bodies will be rampant… oh the horror to some people and to some a delight. That being said, we all need music to shake our booties to and right now my favourites happen to be mostly Dave Audé remixes. They’re happy and perfect for Summer!

Carmen Reece – Raindrop (Dave Audé Club Remix)

This is a great follow up to her first hit single, Right Here (which also was remixed by Dave Aude)

Kesha- Your Love Is My Drug (Dave Aude Mixshow)

Yeah, I’m not a big fan of Kesha but I do love her catchy music!

Alexis Jordan – Happiness (Dave Aude Club Remix)

The original track was actually already pretty rad (see here) but Dave’s remix brings it across to the House music genre.

Lady Gaga – Alejandro (Dave Aude Radio Mix)

I’ve always loved this song even in it’s original form… even if my Mexican friend Ricardo hates Alejandro!

Charice – Pyramid (Dave Aude Club)

I love this song by Oprah’s discovery & GLEE’s newest cast member, Charice!