Most of the the Andrew Christian videos are more like underwear models gone wild, but in this new video, two of the models give us a glimpse into their budding romance. The date seems to be going well and couldn’t be any more romantic, but then something happens that changes everything.

Here’s how they introduce this video: “For the first time since Andrew Christian started making these viral videos, a model turned the tables on the production staff. The drama that ensues made it impossible to even finish what was supposed to be a romantic date night video. Out of respect for both Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown, Andrew Christian asked both of them for permission to show the ‘Fortune Cookie Fiasco.’ Both models have agreed to let the fans watch the video.”

Watch the conjured up “reality show-esque” drama unfold in the NSFW video below.

NSFW: Date Night With Colby & Brandon

I guess we’ll have to find out what happens in Part 2!