Darren Criss & “Teenage Dream” A Big Hit For Glee

To say the addition of Darren Criss to the “Glee” family was a huge success, would be an understatement. Just after airing one episode featuring Blaine, there are reports that Criss is being promoted to series’ regular. Must suck to be Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.) who are still classified as recurring.

Not only has Criss been widely received, his rendition of “Teenage Dream” had a huge sales debut and on track to becoming the show’s most successful single ever. According to Billboard, Criss’ version set a single-day sales record for the show on iTunes by selling 50,000 downloads in its first day. “Teenage Dream” is predicted to sell between 150,000 to 175,000 copies by the end of the week.

If “Teenage Dream” exceeds those expectations, it has a shot of beating the record set by “Don’t Stop Believin’” when it sold 177,000 copies its first week. Pretty impressive showing by Criss, considering it was his debut on the show. Too boot, his version is a love ditty between two teenage gays and it’s so well received. Amazing.

Reports also say that partial proceeds of the track might be going to the Harvey Milk School. Recently a counselor’s job was eliminated due to budget cuts, and Glee is paying his salary in addition to $25,000 in scholarship funds already committed by the show. Way to gay it forward, Glee.

  • ahmed al-khuzae

    omg yesss
    srsly it is the best song evvver

  • Chico

    funny enough i didnt really like it when i heard it first but i’ve caught myself singing it a couple times since the show

  • adam a.

    I think it is a much better version of the original. Katy Perry ain’t got nothin on Darren Criss. And I am glad that we will be seeing more of him! Oh, and if Chord Overstreet didn’t look so awkward dancing, I would want to see more of him too

  • @AdamA yes i completely agree, chord needs to work on his dancing skills big time. to be fair, the other kids have had an entire series and a bit to learn. remember how awkward they were at first?

  • ewan

    i love darrennnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

  • ti

    easily the cutest thing i’ve ever seen ever. makes me love criss so much.