The First Six Minutes Of “Dark Knight Rises” Premieres In Theatres

Christmas has arrived early for Batman fans. Today, the six minute prologue for the Dark Knight Rises leaked online. While the quality is poor as the cameraman bootlegged an obviously private screening, we still get a main idea of what’s going on, and it involves a lot of Bane.

Here’s what we know so far. Dark Knight Rises takes place 8 years after the time of The Dark Knight. At this point, we see Bruce Wayne aka Batman at a very different state and it isn’t a good one. He must discover the truth regarding the “enigmatic” Selina Kyle while facing the villain Bane and stop his plans to destroy the city.

And Bane doesn’t go without a bone-crushing, terrorizing fight. The mask that Bain wears supplies him with an anaesthetic gas to relieve pain he suffers from an injury sustained “early in his story”. Nolan picked him for the film because of his desire to not only test Batman mentally but physically as well. In a viral campaign, fans were given CIA-like documents to check out to find out locations of theaters that would be showing the quick preview. People lined up at theaters across the country just to catch a glimpse of what was in store for the new film.

Unfortunately do to copyright laws, the bootleg copy of the video has been removed from the internet. However, there is a download link floating around here. It may not be available for long, but if you get a chance to catch it, it’s going to blow you away. Nolan has gone above and beyond his previous film. The only thing that people who have seen the clip are saying is that it’s hard to understand a lot of what Bane is saying. Overall, people are thrilled by the action sequences and look forward to watching the full film the coming summer. Are you looking forward to checking out Dark Knight Rises?