Olympic Countdown Hottie of the Day: Dario Cologna


Dario Cologna obtained a 37th in the world placing in the 2007-2008, but then in 2009 came out of nowhere to become the first Swiss cross-country skier to win the overall World Cup title in the Cross-Country World Cup as well as the Tour de Ski. Coincidentally, his close friend and teammate Toni Livers finished 37th in the 08-09 Season – could he be the next one to watch out for?

This sexy 23 year old fellow Pisces is from Santa Maria Val Muestair, Switzerland, currently residing in Tschierv. Don’t ask me how to pronounce any of those towns. He stands 5’11” and 164 lbs, with a super strong upper body. Although he’s a master on his skis, his weakness is actually in the spotlight. He tends to freeze up a bit in front of the mic (which is kinda cute actually). After declaring the World Cup title “a dream come true,” he blandly said that his goal for the Vancouver Olympics was “to win an Olympic medal.”


Cross Country…


A World Champion!


Summer Training… nice legs!


Getting massaged…I can help if you want…