Celebrity Apprentice: What’s Your Favorite Danity Kane Track?

Last week before a new episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” aired, I shared my Top 5 Debbie Gibson songs. Little did I know then that Donald Trump would end up firing the “Shake Your Love” singer that night. Since, Aubrey O’Day seems to think she’s had a far more illustrious career than Gibson, I thought I’d briefly talk about her time in the girl group, Danity Kane. While I’ve never been a fan of Aubrey, I can’t deny that Danity Kane spurned out a couple of really hot tracks. One of them is even my ring tone for fellow Homorazzi.com writer Topher.

Danity Kane is arguably the most successful band created from the “Making The Band” series when P. Diddy was in charge. The girl group was the first female group in Billboard history to debut their first two albums at the top of the charts. Who knew? Though they only had two studio albums, they had three Top 10 hits. Unfortunately, group turmoil and Diddy firing a few girls including O’Day led to the group’s demise. Rumors have swirled that a reunion might be in the works since a few of the girls have reconciled recently.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of O’Day, I couldn’t help but feel for her during last week’s boardroom. Sure, she probably deserved a bit of the tongue lashing, but it went beyond that and was a bit abusive. While it’s one thing for your own teammates to trash you (it’s part of the game), it’s another when Donald Trump starts to jump in. Being the chauvinist that Trump is, he chastised O’Day for crying then just a few moments later praised Arsenio Hall for showing emotion when he tears up. Talk about double standard. I really can’t stand Trump and his contradictory holier than thou mentality (reminds me of an old boss), but I enjoy watching “Celebrity Apprentice“. Can’t Mark Burnett just fire him?

At the end of the episode, O’Day was shown going the elevator despite being part of the winning team. If you thought she was gone for good… she’s not. In the previews, she’s shown participating in this week’s challenge. Hopefully, Arsenio acts like a man and apologizes to O’Day for taking it too far and calling her every name in the book. As mentioned before, she deserved a bit of it, but Hall took it too far and made it more personal than it should’ve. Did you watch the highly-charged episode?

Danity Kane “Damaged” Music Video

Album: Welcome to the Dollhouse
Released: 2008
Billboard Peak: 10

Danity Kane “Show Stopper” Music Video

Album: Danity Kane
Released: 2006
Billboard Peak: 8

While I love both “Show Stopper” and “Damaged” in their original formats, its their dance remixes that made me become obsessed with them. Til this day, “Damaged” is routinely played on my iTunes and comes on whenever Topher calls. LOL. What’s your favorite track from Danity Kane? Or were you more of a O Town guy?

  • Rob

    Dude, have you been watching Celebrity Apprenticy?

    She TOTALLY deserved it and we all celebrated what happened. She’s been the ultimate bitch and treated everyone 1000 times worse than Arsemio, along with the fat blondie

    She’s an egomaniac and someone finally put her in her place
    and show those 2 you can’t be that mean and walk out as if everytime

    kudos to Arsemio & the guys

  • benjamin

    PISS OFF aubrey didnt deserve to attacked by that douche bag i cant stand him, infact before “celebrity apprentice” i had no idea who he was! and i care for him even less now! his so gross! his attacked her from day 1 watching from the safe room and commenting every week on her!! and dont get my started on dyana shes hopeless, only reason she there is becoz donald wants to be in her! last weeks show had me livid!! his comments when he googled aubrey he saw a “naked girl with a gut”…. i get to fired up over this lol

    my fav DK tracks are “strip tease, lights out, poetry and damaged”

  • Michael

    Team Dayana!
    Aubrey is a bitch with a heidious hair colour
    seriously! and what’s up with all that makeup
    she offends drags!

  • Plz do bettter … you’re international now!!

  • BritBoy

    aubrey is a bully