Danielle Staub’s Spinoff? “Don’t Staub Believin'”

Let me preface this post by stating, I can’t stand this delusional bitch. I was beyond elated when I first heard Bravo was firing Danielle Staub from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey“. Sure, she provided some MAY-JOR drama on the show, but it was starting to verge on ridiculous and unhealthy. The whole two-year ordeal couldn’t have capped off any more poetically than the awkward hugs and handshake at the end of the reunion show. I was hoping that would’ve been the last time, I saw the “prostitution whore“.

So imagine my surprise, when I saw this video and, dare I say it, enjoyed it. When I first heard plans she was shopping around for a spin-off reality show, I groaned “go away, you ho bag”. But now, I find myself having a change of heart. On Saturday September 11 at 10pm ET, Staub will appear on the Style Network’s “The Dish” to chat about her dismissal and the low down on her former co-stars.

To promote her appearance, the network filmed a parody titled “Don’t Staub Believin’“. How brill-balls is that title? I find it completely humorous that they transformed Staub into the perfect doting mom and innocent victim. A fact she’s always claimed to be, but misunderstood due a case of bad editing. Yeah, RIGHT…


The video is funnier that I would’ve expected from “square tits“, and reluctantly wish it was a real thing. As much as she wants a spin-off show, unless it’s on Bravo, there’s no chance it’ll see the light of day for at least a few years. According to sources, the network owns these hookers due to the strict contract they all agreed to when they initially signed on for the show.