Daniel Tosh

I caught Daniel Tosh‘s Comedy Central special, Completely Serious a while ago. I’m not a huge fan of stand-up comedy, so when I say that after watching it he became my new favourite comedian, take that with a grain of salt. I have rewatched the special multiple times though, and it has me laughing every time.

Some prime clips

State of Nebraska

It’s so hard to be a Christian in the West Coast time zone
(NSFW language)

Google, Plastic Surgery, and Survivor
(NSFW language)

I love his willingness to say anything. I also love the subtle way he slips in words into his jokes, that aren’t part of the punchline, but still adds to his persona of being an unapologetic privileged white guy (eg, “I’ve got the house locked, the plantation shutters are closed, my keyboard is in a safe but reachable distance”).

That being said, Tosh seems a little rough. His timing is sometimes awkward, and his interview segment on the Tonight Show was more of a continuation of his routine than an actual interview (psst, Daniel, it helps if you actually look at Leno).

Daniel Tosh is currently on a tour around the US, dates are on his myspace page.