Model Behavior: Daniel Hamaj

You’re all dirty, dirty, dirty boys. Last week, I decided to feature two younger twink’ish male models and you ate it up. Both Colin Brazeau and Daniel Akyeampong racked up some serious page views. Typically, I only feature one hottie a week for my Model Behavior feature, but once again I’m giving you two guys to gawk at. Since you all obviously like fresher meat, I’m going to feature another 20-year-old for those who like chicken. Then for the others, including myself, who like their men a bit beefier and aged be sure to check out Ryan Bowden, my other pick for this week.

All I dug up on Daniel Hamaj is that he’s 20-years-old and originally from Slovakia. He’s done mostly editorial work for fashion magazines. A few photographers he’s worked with are Julia Spicker, Michael Brus, James Giles, and Marco Negri to name a few. Hamaj currently lives in Milan but cites New York City as his favorite place. Daniel is represented by a few agencies include View Management, Wiener Models, Request Model Management and New Madison Paris. Check out this up-and-comer who will no doubt become a prominent name in fashion industry in years to come.

Daniel Hamaj Model Stats

Height: 6’2″
Waist: 31
Shoe: 11
Hair: brown
Eyes: green-brown

Dayum, those lips were made for kissing.

He can certainly work that head tilt out, can’t he?

Now that’s a devilish smile.

I’d like to see his “dolce” & “gabbana” 😉

Bed head much?

Are you a necktie or bowtie man?

Someone looks ready for a “Survivor” challenge.

James Dean meets Brad Pitt circa “Cool World” era.

Awwww, I’ll kiss his “boo-boo” (among other things) and make it better.

Pensive or aloof?

Even with hideous glasses and equally fugly shirt, he’s still cute.

Hanging out with fellow male model TJ King. Hot guys always travel in packs.

Daniel during his earlier modeling years.

I wonder what he’s checking out?

Model Behavior: Is Daniel Hamaj Hot?

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    such a cute puppy