I have to thank Homorazzi reader Terry Kuo all the way in Taipei for this awesome Who’d You Rather suggestion. One of the candidates has been mentioned on Homorazzi before but never featured and I couldn’t let the second candidate go to waste. So, let’s meet these boys shall we?

First off, I’d like to introduce you to Daniel Garofali who is becoming quite the rising star in Australia. After you look at a few of his pictures and check out that body, you’ll understand why. Donovan mentioned Daniel in his post “Manimal” where Daniel sported some animal heads for a club event photo shoot.

Next up is Ryan Terry who you may know as Mr. International 2010. This former plumber was crowned Mr. Great Britain and after that decided to take his modeling career to the next level. Looks like it paid off the 22-year-old. All I have to say are where are the ACTUAL plumbers that look like this. Seriously, they don’t exist.

Are you ready to make your decision? Check out the hotties and cast your vote for who you’d rather below.



Who'd You Rather: Garofali VS Terry

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