Who doesn’t love when Daniel Garofali is in his underwear. To be honest, I don’t even know if I’d recognize him with his clothes on. I jest but in all honesty, I don’t think I’ve even seen a single picture of him wearing pants. I’m not complaining by any means and I’m definitely not fussing when it comes to his latest underwear campaign with C-in2 helping to promote their newest line of undies. Named GRIP, C-in2 is encouraging their customers to push their limits and take working out to a whole new level by “sweating longer.” C-in2 CEO Gregory Sovell explains:

“If sweat cannot evaporate, the body cannot cool down. If the body cannot cool down, you cannot perform at your best. We wanted to create a product that was performance enhancing and felt really great against the skin. Traditional Poly blends do wick, they simply do not feel good. We seek to deliver products that always make our customer look and feel their best. Whether you’re in the gym, on the court, on the dance-floor or in the bedroom, GRIP ensures you can “Sweat Longer. Our new GRIP line combines unparalleled athletic support and moisture transport properties, with the comfort, and quality for which we are known. We encourage every active male out there to get rid of their poly-cotton products, and Sweat Longer with GRIP.”

To help promote the campaign, Daniel completes the ultimate workout by performing a sexy pommel horse routine in only his undies. And you thought watching Danell Leyva compete in the Olympics was sexy. Try watching Daniel do pommel without getting all hot and bothered. Oh ya, somewhere in there they explain the technology behind the underwear’s fabric but honestly, I’m too distracted by Garofali. Woof!

C-in2 “Grip” Underwear with Daniel Garofali

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