What Are Daniel Craig’s Top 5 Roles?

Getting ready to clean house next year with a few blockbuster hits, Daniel Craig has become one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men. In 2012, Daniel will appear in the thriller Dream House with now wife Rachel Weisz, the highly anticipated The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Spielberg and Jackson’s TinTin and will reprise his role of Bond in Bond 23.

Before Daniel hit it really big with his winning of the coveted James Bond role, he appeared in several box office hits with smaller roles including Tomb Raider and the Golden Globe winner Elizabeth. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list of Craig’s Top 5 movie roles where he has a more of a leading character for you to check out if you haven’t seen them already. I have to say, I totally agree with this list.

1. The Road To Perdition (2002)

While Perdition is primarily a movie about the relationship between a mob enforcer (Tom Hanks) and his son, Craig portrayed a parallel of the “father-son” bond as the unpredictable violent mobster Conner Rooney. Mob boss John Rooney (Paul Newman) felt a duty to always protect Connor, no matter how evil his actions may be.

2. Layer Cake (2004)

Many Craig-enthusiasts who were fans before he became Bond consider this film to be his breakout role, as it was Craig’s first major motion picture where he was the lead actor. In this sexy film co-starring Sienna Miller, Craig plays a successful drug dealer who attempts to retire from the business without tipping off his supplier.

3. Munich (2005)

Steven Spielberg’s Munich chronicles the aftermath of the massacre at the 1972 Olympics that left 11 Israelis dead. Craig has a supporting role here – as one of the men hired in a squad of assassins whose sole purpose is to seek retribution for the attack.

4. Casino Royale (2006)

Craig certainly faced criticism when it was first announced that he would replace Pierce Brosnan in the latest installment of the Bond franchise. But director Martin Campbell let the film do the talking, and boy, did it ever. The box office rewarded them with nearly $600 million in worldwide grosses—a record for the Bond franchise to date.

5. Quantum of Solace (2008)

Coming off the tails of success, the expectations were high for Craig to outperform himself in Casino Royale. While Quantum never quite reached the high box office grosses of Royale, it still left Bond fans itching for more. Production begins this year for Bond 23, directed by Sam Mendes.