Daniel Craig…Gay? Bi?

Double O…7 …M.G!! Although not the most reliable source, the National Enquirer is reporting that Craig was seen making out with some hot man candy at Roosterfish bar in Venice. HOT! An eyewitness in the parking lot claims the following:

“It was definitely Daniel Craig, and he was most certainly making out with a guy. Daniel kissed his friend on the lips. It was an open-mouth passionate French kiss. In fact, Daniel held the guy’s head in his hands and pull him in for the kiss!”

After he was aware he was being watched, he apparently broke away from the guy right away. Another source added:

“When Daniel and his friend walked in, the looked like any other upscale gay couple checking out the scene.
He rubbed Daniel’s leg and shoulder while they talked, and Daniel didn’t seem to mind.

At first, I thought Daniel may have come in with his gay friend to check out the live music. But when they started dancing together, I though, ‘This is more than just two friends out for drinks.'”

According to Wiki, “In 1992, Craig married Scottish actress Fiona Loudon, with whom he has a daughter, Ella. However, the marriage ended in a divorce in 1994. After his divorce he was in a seven-year relationship with German actress Heike Makatsch and is currently in a relationship with film producer Satsuki Mitchell.” Cover up?

Maybe it was like this? Check out Daniel Craig’s gay kiss (after the 4 minute mark) from the movie Infamous.

  • personally, i think he’s at least a switch hitter if not the full meal deal. there were pictures of him a couple years back vacationing with Andy Cohen (of BRAVO) and a couple other male beach goers…

  • Paolo

    she just tweeted that it’s all just rumor (from @OfficialCharice):

    I just want to let you all know, that it’s not true that i’m going to be on Glee… How i wish! haha.
    4:02 PM May 25th via web

  • Paolo

    ^Oops, wrong article, lol…

    Anyway, that Bond scene of Daniel Craig coming out of the water wearing the studliest Speedo is still the sexiest thing ever. Not even Clooney or any of the young guys can touch him on the sexiness scale.

  • Sam

    I would just like to know when this alleged incident took place, as Daniel Craig is in NYC doing a play with Hugh Jackman. It seems unlikely that he would fly back out here for a date.

  • Sam

    Oops. Ignore my previous rant. The play is already closed. Got ny dates wrong. Whatever Daniel wishes to do in public is OK by me.

  • Ferry

    Daniel Craig gay or bi??
    Unexpected for me. But, if he really gay or bi, is just fine for
    me. He one of my favorite actor. I like hie blue shine eyes.
    It makes him so hot

  • Dee

    Really, it’s nobody’s business whether Daniel is gay or bi, but personally, I wish I was the one he was kissing (and a whole lot more hehe). He’s so hot!

  • Iedia Hess

    The person that thought they saw Daniel Craig kissing another guy is an idiot. He is not gay and that was not him and got to be careful of what you say about celebs or they will sue you. He is hot and straight…sorry dreamers!