Gay Man “Curb Stomped” Outside Club In Salt Lake City

A 20-year-old Utah man was severely beaten outside a club in Salt Lake City last Friday. While the police reports have not been finalized, it’s considered to be ruled as a case of gay-bashing. As Dale Hall was leaving the club last weekend, he was approached by a group of men who began to hurl gay slurs at him and then proceeded to attack him.

“He came up randomly and punched me in the back of my head and I fell on the ground. And he grabbed me by my shirt and punched me on the side of my face.”

The final attack on Hall was an act, known as being curb stomped. An attacker forces his victim onto the ground and makes him open his mouth in as if you to bite or the eat the curb. Then, the attacker stomps on the back of the victims head. This term and act of violence was highly featured in the film American History X.

Hall’s injuries include a broken jaw — broken in three places — and multiple fractures. Six teeth were knocked out and his cheek bone was shattered with the doctors telling him there was a small piece of bone lodged in his brain which in turn could have been fatal. Dane is home from the hospital now but still has bandages wrapped around his head (seen above) and must remain on a liquid diet for 10 more weeks. We all wish Dane a speedy recovery. Check out the TV report on Dane Hall’s attack below.


  • Darren

    I’m disgusted to hear about this. To think people are capable of such cruelty. I pray he has a speedy recovery and grows stronger from this experience…and that those douches get what they deserve….off subject but i love his hoodie

  • Chocolate Gaga

    I actually know Dane personally for quite some time now and I just want him to know how much I love him and appreciate him as a friend and that he will be in my thoughts. I’ll come see you soon buddy! Justice will be served because this act is unacceptable, unfair, infamous, and intolerable.

  • Lyrio

    how does that can still happens !! they’re not human even animals, also they might know that gays would never disappear, we are proud hudge an gay….. (i’m portuguese and french, so may i don’t write as well as all of you, sorry if i haven’t some kind of grammatical expérience….)

  • Hege

    * a big hug to Dane*

  • Oliver

    It’s so sad to see and hear this. If they ever catch the people who did this, the same should be done to them and THEN they should still go to jail for at least 15 years!

  • phillipe bojorquez

    I just wanted to let everyone know that from the violence there comes at least people willing to stand up for it. SLC has created a group called S.I.N that walks people from their cars to the gay clubs and bars as a sort of honor guard to ward off attackers. Here is fox 13 new covering the story and while they were filming someone was attacked check out what happened.