Dancing With The Stars Season 14: Episode 5 Elimination

Another week, another elimination on Dancing With The Stars. Last week, we bid farewell to tennis pro Martina Navratilova after she blanked during her routine. After a night of extremely great dances and personal stories, the ballroom hit an all time high when a five way tie took place and no one scored lower than an 8.

Aside from the actual elimination which could be completed in let’s be honest – a half hour, we are treated to a performances galore to fill the one hour time slot. This week, Seal kicks off the show with a mediocre cover of “Lean On Me” and the Rascal Flatts make the network television debut of their single “Changed“. But, the ultimate thrill will be tonight’s Macy’s Stars of Dance performance featuring some of the dance industry’s most in-demand dancers. Oh right, and someone get’s eliminated. Who will it be? Find out below!

Seal, “Lean On Me” Episode Opener

Katherine & Mark – Safe
Maria & Derek – Safe
Gavin & Karina – In Jeopardy
Roshon & Chelsie – Safe

AT&T Spotlight Performance: Anna Trebunskaya & Jonathan Roberts

Anna and Jonathan dance a beautiful waltz in tribute of their friend who was a professional ballroom dancer who was diagnosed with cancer. Because she is too frail to dance anymore, the two took to the floor to tell her story through dance. Check it out below. It’s absolutely beautiful.

William & Cheryl – Safe
Gladys & Tristan – In Jeopardy
Jaleel & Kym – Safe

Before the Macy’s Stars of Dance performance, Brooke was allowed to reveal one more couple that would be safe to dance next week:

Sherri & Val – Safe

Macy’s Stars Of Dance Performance

Joining together some of the dance industry’s most in demand dancers and choreographed by some of my favorite choreographers, this year’s first Macy’s Stars of Dance is definitely one not to go unwatched. Their funk/hip hop return moves so quickly it’ll make you sweat just watching it!

Rascal Flatts, “Changed”

I feel like this band is always on this show. This time around, the trio is performing the title track for their latest album, “Changed“. The song is beautiful especially with the help of pros Tony and Shauna.

Donald & Peta – Safe
Melissa & Maks – Safe
Jack & Anna – In Jeopardy

The Final Results

The bottom three stars are Gavin, Gladys and Jack. I really expected Melissa to be in the bottom three this week. Looks like her Little House fan base finally put away their rotary phones and dialed in to vote for the girl. Out of this three, I would love for Jack to go home because I think Gavin has great potential and I just love Gladys. But who knows, America tends to do some funny things when they vote.

Gladys & Tristan – Safe
Gavin & Karina – Safe

That means, Jack Wagner has been eliminated. I called it! Make sure you tune in next week to check out all the hair go a flyin’ for Rock Week! Until next Monday…