Dancing With The Stars Season 13 Cast Revealed

There has been a lot of speculation this year on who will be hitting the hardwood with the beloved ballroom pros for the upcoming thirteenth season of Dancing With the Stars. Before I get more into this, I first have to say how excited I am to have Derek Hough back in the competition. I missed his choreography and hilarity last year and I think that friend Mark Ballas works harder to compete with his buddy. I digress.

This season rumors have been circulating about who the stars would be. From Tiffany Theissen to rapper and actor Queen Latifah who later denied the rumors to Jersey Shore’s Snooki. We know that a few people have been actually confirmed seen leaving the rehearsal space, but I won’t spoil the fun. Are you ready to see who’s going to be quickstepping and jiving on our TV’s this fall? Check out the full cast revealed below.


MY THOUGHTS: Holy Shit. How did this happen?! Nancy Grace has quite the reputation that proceeds her so I wonder how Americans will receive her and more importantly, how’ll she manage the footwork on the floor. I cannot wait to find out who her partner is. Buckle up.


MY THOUGHTS: So excited to see Kristin on the show. After fellow Hills star Audrina did the show, I was hoping that we’d see either Lauren or Lo hit the ballroom but Kristin is better than them all. I hope she brings her sassy attitude to her routines and that she has a killer partner like Maks, Mark or Derek.


MY THOUGHTS: With all of these top dog ladies on the show, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I adore Ricki so much and cannot wait to see what she brings to the table. I know she’s a perfectionist so she’ll work hard on getting those routines. I bet her partner will be Louis or Tony.


MY THOUGHTS: I had broke the news a week ago that Chynna has been spotted rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars. Chynna was one of the more eccentric girls from Wilson Phillips so I hope she brings that energy to the show. I am also interested to see who her partner will be and what he can bring out of her.


MY THOUGHTS: Dancing With The Stars wouldn’t be complete without the token female athlete. This year, we’re treated with soccer star Hope Solo is a menace on the field so I’m sure she’ll bring her A-Game to this competition. It also doesn’t hurt that she is absolutely stunning. Hope may be a goalie and famous for stopping goals, but hopefully she’ll let her goal of winning the competition, in.


MY THOUGHTS: This Italian bombshell is an actress and a model but more recently is best known for being George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend. Models seem to have great luck in this competition with their stunning looks, long legs and ability to make everything a little bit sexy. I cannot wait to see Elisabetta’s first dance. I think she may go far this year.


MY THOUGHTS: This is a pretty big star for ABC to pull in and for that, I applaud them. David is a funny man so I’m sure there will be some humor coming from him and his partner. If David can also leave the prankster at home and focus on his routines, he could be the dark horse of season thirteen.


MY THOUGHTS: Now, Rob Kardashian may be a good looking guy, but I know for a fact he is lazy as shit. I know because I religiously watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians every Sunday with Patrick. His sister Kim has been on the show before with Mark Ballas so let’s hope he does a little better than Kim. I have never seen Rob dance on the show but I know he gets frustrated easy. I’m sure he’ll be partnered with someone like Chelsie or Lacey to whip his ass into shape.


MY THOUGHTS: This is an amazing addition to the competition. I have been a big fan of Carson since he debuted on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I know that Carson is a little “extra” for some people but I think that if Carson can bring out his masculine appeal, as deep down as it may be, he’ll kill the competitors… boys AND girls.


MY THOUGHTS: You may recognize J.R. from his role on ABC’s All My Children. Before acting, J.R. was a soldier (now retired) in Iraq where he suffered severe burns to over 40% of his body. Now J.R. also travels the country as an inspirational speaker. I think J.R. will have a natural ability in the competition and will be the one to watch.


MY THOUGHTS: YES! YES! YES! I am most looking forward to watching Chaz on the show. This is a huge step for ABC inviting him on and I cannot wait to hear what Nancy Grace has to say about it. I already know that his partner will be Kym Johnson who is fresh off her win with Hines last season. I hope she takes Chaz all the way to the top.


MY THOUGHTS: To round it all off, we have our male athlete, Ron Artest who is a basketball player with the LA Lakers and a rapper. He won the Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2004 so he’ll be a competitor in the ballroom for sure.

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  • Cliff

    I absolutely agree with you that they were able to pull in David Arquette. We’ll see how well he will do.

  • Andre00x

    Nancy Grace!! hahaha…Oh man, that’s going to be interesting.

  • Justin S

    Well, Scream was one of the first horror films I ever saw on the big screen, so David Arquette will always have a place in my heart. His Dewey was one of my first crushes way back in 1996! Ah, to be young again. And good on Chaz for being on the show! Hope he goes far.

    I’ve never actually watched more than 10 minutes of this show, and, aside from Ricki and Carson, I have no clue who the rest of these so-called “stars” are. But I’ll follow Internet headlines regarding David and Chaz, but only if they happen to be on the main “news” page. Otherwise I could really care less.