Dancing With The Stars Maksim & Karina’s Last Dance


Dancing With The Stars real life couple Maksim & Karina have split up after a yearlong courtship which even lead to an engagement. Maksim proposed to Karina while celebrating last New Year’s Eve. Both dancer’s reps have issued statements confirming the breakup. The two were supposed to marry in June 2010 but prolonged their engagement due to their busy careers which included Broadway stints and other television shows.

The formerly happy couple just finished a month long run on Broadway for Burn the Floor. Even with spending all this time and seeing each other weekly on DWTS, rumors say they are breaking up due to their busy schedules. That rationale totally works when couples barely see each other. Perhaps in this case they saw too much of each other. Karina totally looks uber bitchy while Maksim, as we all know, has a hot head. Do you think it was their fiery personalities that did them in or do you suspect a third party was the reason for the split? Just think a month ago, Smirnoff was quoted “As long as we’re together, tying the knot is a plus, it’s something extra.” Me thinks something smells fishy.

Fans of the couple across the country must be shedding a tear for the duo’s split. Will this announcement make their DWTS appearances awkward? Gawd, I hope so- I love this kind of drama. Too bad their planned reality show which would’ve chronicled their dancing lives and wedding planning preparations will probably be kiboshed as a result of this latest development

Regardless of who broke of with whom, the two should have no problems getting back into the dating pool. Maksim (28) is definitely sexy and while I find Karina (31) fugly, the bitch has a smoking bod and even managed to get Mario Lopez at one point. The girl’s got skillz.