Last night, the ballroom was lit on fire with a night of firsts. One of my favorite parts was Paula Abdul as a guest judge on the panel. She’s usually pretty crazy and cooky but on last night’s show, she was insightful and nothing but a pleasure. We also received our first 10’s of the season which were very well deserved.

But, the biggest first of the night was the evening’s challenge. Last week, the stars picked new dance genres for each other which included dances that had never been seen before in the in ballroom. The night was action packed and full of surprises but no one is safe until the results are read. Let’s begin with the first set of results.

Bristol & Mark: IN JEOPARDY
Kelly & Val: SAFE
Sabrina & Louis: SAFE
Shawn & Derek: SAFE

DWTS Pros & Troupe, Opening Number

Macy’s Stars of Dance, Christina Grimmie & The LXD

Emmitt & Cheryl: SAFE
Gilles & Peta: SAFE
Apolo & Karina: IN JEOPARDY

Cheryl Burke with Tito Puente, Jr.

Melissa & Tony: SAFE
Kirstie & Maks: IN JEOPARDY

Susan Boyle & Donnie Osmond, “This Is The Moment”

Team Dance Choices

Next week aside from their individual dances, the celebs will be put into teams for a Freestyle Team Dance. The all stars with the highest cumulative scores are the captains and were left to schoolyard pick their teams. The teams are:

Gilles & Peta’s Team, “Gangham Style”:

  • Kelly & Val
  • Kirstie & Maks
  • Emmitt & Cheryl

Shawn & Derek’s Team, “Call Me Maybe”:

  • Sabrina & Louis
  • Melissa & Tony
  • Apolo & Karina

Bristol and Mark were not picked and will therefore join the team that loses a pair after elimination, granted they aren’t eliminated themselves.

Bristol & Mark: IN JEOPARDY
Apolo & Karina: SAFE
Kristie & Maks: IN JEOPARDY

Final Results

I can’t say I’m shocked with tonight’s bottom two and even though she was improving, I’m glad Bristol Palin has bid farewell. Next week should be a good one!