I guess Mario Lopez never heard of the saying, “loose lips, sinks ships”. The “Extra” host slipped an interesting bit of news while co-hosting “Live With Kelly“. When discussing Gladys Knight’s elimination, Lopez shared his disbelief that the music legend was booted off. Here’s what the former A.C. Slater said:

“I thought she was doing amazing!” He then said, “You know what Kelly? They’re doing a “Dancing With the Stars: All Stars” this next season. They called me to do it.” – Mario Lopez

Whether it was intentional or not, who knows. Lopez is a seasoned interviewer and can’t see him accidentally leaking spoilers. That said, I would think the “Dancing With The Stars” producers wanted to make the announcement themselves. Hopefully, they won’t punish Mario if he indeed accidentally spoiled the All-Stars season. It would be too mean to deprive viewers from seeing that bubble butt of his shake on a weekly basis. Plus it gives him an opportunity to win the mirror ball trophy after losing out to Emmitt Smith. I also secretly hope they pair him up with Karina Smirnoff again. They dated briefly during and after his season. I wonder if his new wife would be cool with that 😉

Personally, I’m all up for a “Dancing With The Stars: All Stars” season. After 14 seasons under its belt, I think it’s overdue to bring back some of the more popular contestants. Ideally though, I’d love it if they brought back just the winners. That way it could be the best of the best. I know one former winner who would be up for it. Current co-host, Brooke Burke-Charvet recently revealed this interesting fact:

“I haven’t danced ballroom since I left . . . I would love to [return],” she adds. “And being on the show, it just makes me want to dance again.” – Brooke Burke-Charvet

I admit I have an ulterior motive for Brooke doing the All-Stars season. It gives us viewers a break from her robotic monotone interviewing skills. Hopefully, whomever they replace her with will do an outstanding job and take over permanently. I’d even be fine with Samantha Harris back as co-host.

If an DWTS All-Stars happens, who do you want to see hoof it again? Do you think it should be made up of previous winners only, or just the best personalities. Perhaps redemption for those celebrities who were robbed, i.e. Mya losing out to Donny Osmond. Who’s on your wish list? Sound off below.