Typically, Tyrell recaps Dancing With The Stars, but tonight’s results were so shocking that I had to post the outcome immediately. Most people, including myself, predicted either Kirstie Alley or Kelly Monaco would get the boot this week since they received the lowest scores from the judges from the past couple of weeks. But once they were safe, you can tell the audience and especially the remaining stars were shaking in their boots. Very appropriate considering this week was country week.

As Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet began to reveal the results, it was clear that the ones who were in danger, were the judges’ favorites from the past two weeks. The All-Stars with the three highest scores were all in peril– Melissa & Tony (86), Apolo & Karina (86.5) and Sabrina & Louis (88.5). To boot, last night both Apolo Ohno and Sabrina Bryan scored the first perfect scores of the season.

Yikes!!! I was just hoping it wouldn’t be Apolo, but given the lack of chemistry with Karina, they were very vulnerable. Melissa seems the logical choice to leave given she has the least star wattage. But then again, Sabrina has been the victim of voter apathy before. Find out who kissed their chances for the All-Star mirrorball goodbye.

They history repeats itself and boy does it ever. This was the exact same spot in Season 5 where Sabrina Bryan’s shocking elimination occurred. During the telecast, Brooke even reminded her and viewers of this fact. Instantly, you can see the panic in Sabrina’s eyes. As it turns out, she should’ve been worried. Girlfriend, was eliminated.

After last night’s performance, I never would’ve guessed it. Perhaps, most of her fanbase resides on the East Coast where Hurricane Sandy was taking its toll. Either way, I feel sorry for her. It’s one thing to leave, but at the very same spot. That’s gotta hurt. Poor Sabrina. Hey, at least she outlasted Bristol Palin. PHEW.

What do you think of this week’s results? Who should’ve gone home instead? Next week the All-Stars get another bye with no one getting the boot due to the Presidential election. What’s the point in watching? Anyhow, just in case you missed Melissa, Apolo and Sabrina’s performances on Monday night, check them out below. I also embedded Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift’s performances on the results show after that. Enjoy.

Week 6 Performances

Week 6 Results Performances