Okay ladies and gentleman, it’s time for the All Star season’s first painful and shocking double elimination. Last night was probably the best dancing that I have ever seen on the show in all the fifteen seasons I have been watching and the judges agreed. Because of this, its going to be hard to predict which couple is going home. After Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough re-perform their epic routine from last night, we get to our first results of the night. Tonight is going to be a doozy.

Melissa & Tony: SAFE
Gilles & Peta: SAFE
Kirstie & Maks: IN JEOPARDY
Emmitt & Cheryl: SAFE

Frankie Moreno feat. Kyle, Lacey & The DWTS Troupe

Shawn & Derek: SAFE
Apolo & Karina: SAFE
Drew & Anna: IN JEOPARDY
Kelly & Val: SAFE

With both Kirstie Alley and Drew Lachey on the chopping block, I had no idea was going to go home but after the dramatic lighting and music, former champion Drew Lachey was eliminated from the competition. I’m really bummed to watch him leave.

Next week, each couple will perform a dance style picked by their peers. After Tom and Brooke revealed the dance styles, the couples picked schoolyard style for each other. These dances will be performed infront of celebrity guest judge, Paula Abdul.

Bristol & Mark choose Bollywood for Gilles & Peta
Kirstie & Maks choose Disco for Sabrina & Louis
Helio & Chelsie choose Mambo for Shawn & Derek
Kelly & Val choose Bolero for Emmitt & Cheryl
Melissa & Tony choose Hip Hop for Apolo & Karina
Apolo & Karina choose Jitterbug for Melissa & Tony
Emmitt & Cheryl choose Contemporary for Kelly & Val
Shawn & Derek choose Broadway for Helio & Chelsie
Sarbina & Louis choose Charleston for Kirstie & Maks
Gilles & Peta choose Rock & Roll for Bristol & Mark

AT&T Spotlight Performance: Josh Johnson

Karmin, “Brokenhearted” & “Hello”

Sabrina & Louis: IN JEOPARDY
Helio & Chelsie: IN JEOPARDY
Bristol & Mark: SAFE

Double Elimination Results

As IF Bristol Palin was safe in that group of three couples. How is that even possible? Between Hélio Castroneves and Sabrina Bryan, it’s really a toss up of who could go home. The judges thought Sabrina’s performance was nothing unlike what they had seen before and Hélio did step on Chelsie’s dress but once again after dramatic lighting and music, another champion (Hélio) is eliminated from the competition. How did two former champions leave tonight? AMERICA! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? VOTE PROPERLY. Next week is going to be a whole lot of fun.

What did you think of tonight’s eliminations? Share your comments below.