When Dads Decide To Dance

We’ve all been there. You’re at a wedding reception with family or close friends. Its turned from dinner into the dance and everyone has just finished polishing off their bottle of wine on the table. Your dad, has had one glass too many and is starting to talk about going up on the dancefloor.

Then, out of the blue, the DJ plays that song that you didn’t even know your dad enjoyed (probably a current pop song or remix) and after a double take, you realize your dad is tearing up the hardwood with some total strangers showing off his not-so-smooth moves.

However, this video gone viral makes me think that dads everywhere should watch this video, and learn some of the moves for their next public outing. This guy is living for this song and the baby in the left corner is loving it too.

If your dad danced like this, wouldn’t you feel inclined to join him? How could you not, especially with that roundhouse kick at the end.