Sometimes life is just not fair on this side of the Atlantic. While we had Chuy Bravo and Louie Anderson on the US edition of Splash!, the Brits have the sexy Dan Osborne to drool over week after week in tight bathing suits. This week, the reality star donned a pair of leopard-print Speedos to execute his dive for the judges. Savvy move to wear skimpy animalistic trunks to distract judges from his technique and instead turn focus on his hotness.

With water cascading over his chiseled body, I’m surprised the commentators could even perform their jobs. Newly-out Olympian Tom Daley snuck in a glance or two at Osborne’s hot bod as he gave him pointers. Speaking of ‘pointers,’ I’m sure Tom had a stiffy just outside of the camera’s eye. Better watch out Daley, I’m sure Dustin Lance Black doesn’t appreciate a wandering eye. Hopefully, Osborne sticks around a bit longer so I have more weekly vids to share in the coming weeks. Check out Dan perform his dive this week below, along with several hot promo photos.


Dan Osborne UK Splash Series 2