Dan Osborne Previews His 2014 Calendar

I have no idea who this hot bitch is, but I’m in lust. Apparently, his name is Dan Osborne and stars on the hit UK show The Only Way Is Essex. Not surprisingly, with his bulging biceps and toned abs he became an instant hit with the ladies, gays and those questioning straight boys (wink) since joining the show this season. I don’t blame them. I could spend an entire afternoon tracing all his tats.

Naturally, with his new-found popularity, he’s releasing a 2014 calendar which was shot in Majorca. In addition to fronting his own, he appears on The Only Way Is Essex‘s 2014 edition as well. Clearly, the calendar distributor is expecting to cash in big time. Check out previews for both calendars below.

I have to say Dan’s Essex co-star Tom Pearce is kinda cute as well. I need to start watching this show.

To purchase Dan Osborne’s calendar, click here.

  • JMC

    This dude is hot but that Michael Jackson tattoo… he should sue. That said it’s a Michael Jackson tattoo so even if it was done well… The only person who should have a shoulder tatt of Michael Jackson is Macaulay Culkin.

  • andrew

    Oh Danny Boy, the pipes the pipes are calling and they are saying: Tis you, Tis you who are the hottest!!!