My TV Crush: Dan Levy


I don’t really know where to begin this post, other than I’ve been watching one of the hottest men on TV broadcast himself every week following The Hills, on The Hills After Show. Dan Levy, Dan Levy, Dan Levy – I type it like this on the off chance that he googles himself and lands on this outright confession.

As you can see from the above photo, Dan is pretty much the perfect combination of looks, brains and talent. There’s something about his fashion sense that also makes my mind explode with anticipation for each new weekly episode. Although I truly enjoy The Hills, it really is the additional half an hour of comedy, dry wit and endearing smiles that make Monday nights worth while.

I’d trade places with Jesse in a heartbeat. Seriously, what I would do for even ONE episode of sitting on those couches in close proximity. I would drink those bright green ‘martinis’ if it meant that I would get the opportunity of a first impression and a one-on-one conversation.

I don’t want to come off creepy or stalkerish, which I’m sure has successfully been done in this post, but I’m pretty sure flattery is the best way to grab one’s attention. Again, Dan Levy, if you’re reading this, at least consider about an interview with the gang! We’ve been guest stars via Skype twice already…seriously…

In all honesty, Dan, you are a rad guy with one of the best jobs on MTV. Keep up the good work and keep asking the tough questions!

  • Kodie

    I heart Dan Levy!

  • I couldn’t agree more, although I sort of have a complicated little thing for Jesse too…


  • Harlequin

    I love Jessi! When she did a cartwheel in the Betsy Johnson dress (which resulted in a head first dive for the ground), I was in love.

  • Steph

    He’s all mine! It would totally be weird for you guys anyway…you have the same name!

  • Dan

    “You’ve reached Dan-squared, we’re not here to take your call right now!”

    Pretty sure it’s perfect.

  • Richard

    Dan Levy! is one of the most sexiest guy’s I have seen on TV..Dan you are so GORGEOUS! I want you bad! Muah!