Man Crush: Dan Ewing

As stated in my other Man Crush this week, I decided to give you a double header today due to my neglect the past three weeks because of my vacation in New Zealand and Australia. First up was Scott McGregor and now it’s time for another tasty little Aussie. If McGregor wasn’t your cup of tea, I’m sure this buff stud will do the trick. Meet Dan Ewing.

This 26-year-old actor is currently titillating Australian television viewers on a weekly basis on the popular show, “Home and Away“. During my time Down Under, I never saw the show, but he caught my attention while channel surfing. A mere couple nanoseconds seeing him shirtless on a television promo was enough to win me over. Ewing was born in Manly (loved the beach) and grew up in Forestville. Dan’s other acting credits include “Power Rangers: RPM” and “Spirited”. He even scored an uncredited role in the feature film “Superman Returns” starring Brandon Routh. In 2011, he competed on the 11th season of Australia’s “Dancing With The Stars“. Sadly, he didn’t make it far and was eliminated fourth. He can’t be this hot and also a great dancer. That just wouldn’t be fair.

Now that you have a bit of background on this 6’0” hottie, get to know him in more detail in some very revealing *ahem* shirtless pics. You’ll be very impressed with his chesticles. He’s got a pair of tasty pecs. Check them out for yourself below.

I’d love to hang off those sexy broad shoulders of his.

Sashaying and Shantaying in skivvies on the runway.

As the article states, “everyone loves a bad boy”. Amen to that sista.

It wouldn’t be a post without the obligatory tight white underwear pic.

I wonder if his “rod” is also too hot too handle without some protective gloves.

His tattoo says “carpe diem”. Instead of seizing the day, I’d rather seize him.

WOOF. I love me a dude in a slightly open denim shirt.

Personally, I like the view from this angle, if you catch my drift. It’s good to know I have some hair to grab onto *wink*.

Thumbs up. I’d like to see “something” else up.

A couple of pics with his head covered and hooded 😉

He’s definitely built like a brick house. I’ll huff and puff til I blow his “house” down.

Do you prefer him with a clean canvas or tatted up?

Showing off his beach bod *gasp* at the beach.

Anchors away.

I almost didn’t recognize him with a shirt on. LOL.

Two more shirtless pics. Double your pleasure, double your fun.

Is it me or could this picture be his sexiest? Not sure if it’s the surf board, or the cute bandages on his face that are doing it for me.

  • Ryan

    I must admit, I LOVE that you always put atleast one hot armpit shot of all your guys. Thank you!

  • Slade

    OMG I just orgasmed! This is my future husband!

  • Oh yeah!

    Wow! So hot. He looks like a cross between Ryan Kesler and Jensen Ackels, the lead in “Supernatural” *LICK

  • lordy

    his lips are luscious and kissable