Insta-Stud: Dan Dexter

I previously shared pics of Dan Dexter posing for a sexy shoot with Rick Day. I thought it was only fair the 5’11” looker snag a spot in my Insta-Stud series. He deserves to be highlighted again. Don’t you agree? Check out more pics below.

I'm so tough I don't even hesitate when removing bandaids. I shave without shaving cream. I don't even jump during that one scene in the shining. The boogieman has nightmares of me. – – – I have reached a point in my life where I am happy with who I am. A point where I can finally say out loud what it is I want to do with my life. I've gone the better part of my life preparing for a stable future in a career I didn't love but was good at. Never settle for complacency. The past two years I have been given opportunities to grow and reach for what I truly aspire to do. I want to move people, inspire and show people that love is everywhere and anyone can chase that dream. Pursuing modeling and acting is far from easy but I love the challenge and growth. If you've actually read this far then I love you too lol I love the support from everyone whether I know you or not it means the world. ?? #HardasMashPotatoes #idontknowanymore #ifyoureadthatwholethingillgiveyouadollar #notreallyidonthaveadollar #sometimesimfunny #mostofthetimeilaughatmyself #thesehashtagskeepgoing #stopreadingmytags #youhavebetterthingstodo #wickedweasel #wilhelmina #cgm #kanyedoingthings #byefelicia

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