This week, we’re going to tackle spunky Australian rugby league player Dan Conn who plays for the Sydney Roosters club in the National Rugby League competition. He has a lucky pair of speedos that he wears underneath to every game. Random! His coach has referred to this studly, tattooed 24 year old as as a “ball of muscle” and he’s right…we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

When playing rugby, his usual position of choice is at second-row forward. When in front of the camera…his preference is naked (mind you sometimes for a good cause). He’s also done some underwear modeling, and even some acting. In 2007, he appeared with Tara Reid in a commercial for Dodo, an Australian budget phone and internet company.

One thing that a lot of people don’t know about this guy is that he’s a trained massage therapist. What! And his hotness just went through the roof.

His tattoo artist has spent a lot of time on his naked body…

Hmm, maybe those are his lucky speedos?

Dis way to da beach…

Wow, he is a ball of muscle…his clothes can barely contain them.

Even back when he was 19 he couldn’t keep his clothes on.

Wouldn’t you like to ride that? I was talking about the wave, dirty bird!

Naked, in a back alley, waiting for….?