Who’d You Rather: Lewis VS McPartlin

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a Who’d You Rather but I’m back and I think that this hump day, I’ve picked a good pairing for you guys to feast over. After watching Damnian Lewis accept his Emmy award, I thought he’d be a good choice. Then came the task of finding the man to pair him up with. After a bit of Google image searching, I discovered Ryan McPartlin and alas, we have our battle royale.

If you watch the hit show Homeland, you know the sexiness of Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody, a rescued prisoner of war who’s also a U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant. This sexy ginger is rocking the age of 41 and has quite the successful film and television career including roles in Band of Brother and the hilarious stoner comedy, Your Highness. Damian will also be playing the role of Lord Capulet in a forthcoming version of Romeo & Juliet directed by Italian filmmaker, Carlo Carlei.

Ryan McPartlin may not be a name or face you immediately recognize but he definitely has quite the body of work. Ryan is most notable for his role as Devon ‘Captain Awesome’ Woodcomb in the cult series, Chuck. Ryan has also taking on a slew of guest starring roles in hits like CSI: Miami and Hot In Cleveland. Currently, Ryan is filming a romantic comedy alongside Catherine O’Hara and Will Sasso titled The Right Kind of Wrong. Not bad for a former Abercrombie & Fitch model, huh?

Damian Lewis

Ryan McParlin

It was actually impossible to find a shirtless picture of Damian Lewis. I know he’s got a good body. SHOW IT OFF DAMIAN! If you find one, please send it my way. Now that you’ve seen the photo evidence, cast your vote for who you’d rather below.

Who'd You Rather: Lewis VS McPartlin

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  • Eric

    How are these two on level playing fields? Not a good pairing…

  • Oliver

    Just go to http://www.squarehippies.com/2008/03/damian-lewis/ for a shirtless pic of Mr. Lewis 🙂

  • JT

    Seriously? Not even fair.

  • DouggSeven

    Um, these ‘would you rather’ posts are usually good and balanced. Was the author high on smack when he hit the submit button?

  • Isabelle

    Ryan. I’ve been a fan since he was the younger boyfriend on the Fran Dresser show I cant remember the name to right now. Very yum.

  • Duh, Captain Awesome for the win!

  • zurvivor

    SHIRTLESS Captain Awesome for the win!

  • Brian

    I’ve lusted after Ryan since I first saw him on Living With Fran……(the show Isabelle means) H O T !!!! And fell madly in love with him on Chuck : )

  • Wilma Fingerdo

    Damian Lewis is clever, funny and GINGER!
    You can all have supermodel Ryan, MORE DAMIAN FOR ME!

  • stephen

    Damien Lewis…1 million times over!!!! The other guy has no passion in his eyes, just vanilla, card board, generic looking….blah