First U.S. Face Transplant Patient Makes First Appearance

His name is Dallas Wiens and he’s the first person to receive a full face transplant in the United States. On the left, you can see what his face looked like in December 2010 prior to his surgery. The photo on the right is from May 9th, 2011 at a press conference in Boston, where the historic 15 hour surgery took place. The results are astounding! And it’s not only visually.

In an interview with ABC News, they talked to the 26 year old about being reunited with his daughter and him being able to feel her kisses again for the first time. That is so touching. “It’s an amazing experience just to be able to feel a kiss again after two an a half years of having no feeling in my face.”

Wiens face had burned off in 2008 after his head hit a power line. They were not able to restore his eyes, so he does remain blind. He is however regaining his sense of smell and his face is starting to feel like his own he says. “The smell of life – plant life again – and to know that I could smell a rose or anything like that again, it really hit home for me.”

Watch the interview with ABC News by clicking here.