Dallas Reboot Releases First Trailer

Last week, TNT made it official by picking up their new version of “Dallas” for a full season. Unfortunately, a full season on TNT is only 10 episodes and making matters worse, we won’t get to see it til summer 2012. BOO! Being a cock tease that they are, TNT aired a short preview of their reboot during last night’s season premiere of “The Closer”. As if, I wasn’t already excited to see the new version, the trailer only wets my appetite even more. It looks gooooooooooood.

The word “reboot” may be attached to the new version of “Dallas”, but it’s very clear based on the preview, that it’ll be a continuation of the Ewing saga. Rather than going the same route as “Hawaii 5.0” or “Charlie’s Angels” in a retelling of their respective original’s series, “Dallas” 2012 will continue with the dramatic folks living at Southfork Ranch.

Like “90210” and “Melrose Place’s” recent reboots, TNT’s version will include a mix of the original cast members from the iconic 80s soap and some fresh blood. And fresh blood it is indeed. Former “Desperate Housewives” eye candy, Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson play the offspring of Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy’s characters. Just like their fathers, the two will fight over business and personal issues. I’m hoping they do it shirtless and covered in sweat. LOL.

Looks pretty good, right? Only time will tell if Dallas 2.0 will last over 13 years like the original CBS drama. With only 10 episodes ordered, it’ll have to premiere with big numbers and not show any huge drop-offs for future episodes. Considering three original stars (Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray) are coming back and with huge salaries, the network isn’t going to show much patience in getting a return for their investment. Will you check out “Dallas” when it hits the air next summer?