Daily Gossip: Tuesday July 21, 2009


Tweeters Rally For Paula Abdul
Over the weekend, Paula’s new manager stated that American Idol producers had not yet renewed Paula’s contract for Season 9 and beyond. Since then there’s been a lot of speculation on whether or not Paula is done for good or if this is merely just another salary negotiation ploy to get a lucrative deal like Ryan Seacrest just last week. While all this drama is going on, a twitter campaign has been created by Paula’s fans. Miss Abdul herself has tweeted them for their support. “If it weren’t for you, this specific time and situation would feel a lot worse! xoP”. Even Ryan Seacrest has even stated that he wouldn’t want to do it without her. Whatever happens, it’ll all be confirmed when Season 9 auditions begin on August 6. Will Paula be there or not? You can find the campaign on twitter with the group name #keepaula.


Did Whitney Houston Ruin Pop Music?
Msnbc.com has published an article citing five artists that they feel have ruined pop music. They cite Whitney Houston for causing the emergence of vocalizing and embellishing which is now referred to “oversinging”- a term we often enough during the American Idol auditions. Artists that came after Whit like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Celine Dion to name a few have all adopted this style of adding extra syllables to words and over-the-top frills. I love WHITNEY so to me she’s only enhanced pop music. What do you think? Click here to check out the other artists who have “ruined” pop music.


You Can Mow My Lawn
Jesse Metcalfe is heading back to Wisteria Lane to cause more drama for Gabrielle Solis. Gaby’s former gardener boy will return for at least two episodes in the upcoming season. His character will now be divorced and will catch the eye of Carlos & Gaby’s troublemaker niece, Ana, who just moved in during the last couple of episodes of last season. Recently, I’ve seen pics of Jesse Metcalfe on the beach. Though his face is still as gorgeous as ever, his body needs a bit of work to get him back to his former boy-toy-underage-gardener physique.


Did The Men Really Tell All?
Yesterday, after having an amazing tapas meal at Cesars in Oakland, we headed back to my cousin’s condo to watch the Bachelorette’s The Men Tell All. We got home pretty late and when I found out it was two hours, I was none too happy. I totally wanted to sleep early and have an early start for Tuesday. Anyway, I digress. Overall the show went by quickly and was pretty entertaining. After a few heated discussion, I love how the group of alpha-straight males began to act like a bunch of girls in a catfight. It was brill. The two most glaring no-shows were Wes and Reid. According to the Bachelorette’s host, Chris Harrison, Wes’ absence was a series of rumors and dramz. Check it out here. Reid on the other hand was a different story. It looks like he comes back for next week’s episode. During the preview for next week’s finale, they showed a brief glimpse of Reid holding a ring and then showing Jillian freaking out. Could Reid come back and steal Jillian away from both Kiptyn and Ed? I hope so. I was never a fan of Ed and Kiptyn I want for myself- sorry Brian. lol.


Lose a Crown, Gain a Book Deal
Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, has signed a book deal with Conservative book house, Regnery to publish her memoirs tentatively, “Still Standing”. As you all know the former Miss California was stripped of her crown after missing a few Miss California events while attending unsanctioned appearances where she would spew her anti-gay marriage message. Personally, I would rather read a book written by former Miss 2007 Teen South Carolina winner talk about maps. During the 2007 Miss Teen USA competition, Miss Teen South Carolina rambled on and on about maps, The Iraq, people now owning maps, South Africa and such as. LOL. This video still cracks me up and puts a smile on my face when feeling down.

  • Dan

    I LOVE that you rehashed the Miss South Carolina video! SOOO EPIC!

  • I know, RIGHT. That video never gets old.